Solid Wood Bar Stools

If you have an empty counter or table, you can use a few bar stools to transform it into a convenient dining area. Solid wood stools come in many heights, shapes, and colors, but all of these chairs tend to be compact and tall. The unique shape of bar stools makes it easy to store the seats away when not in use.

What is a bar-height stool?

There are a few different standard heights for barstools.

  • Counter-height: These chairs range from 23 to 28 inches tall. Counter stools are typically the shortest version of bar stool you can order.
  • Bar-height: This type of stool is 29 to 32 inches tall and the most common type of bar stool.
  • Extra-tall: For situations where you need an extra tall stool, these wood models come in 33 to 36 inch heights.

How high should a kitchen bar stool be?

When you are trying to decide what size of bar stool you need, you should measure your table or countertop then choose the correct size of stool.

  • 3-foot counters: Anything under 37 inches will work best with a basic counter stool.
  • 3.5-foot tables: Surfaces under 43 inches work well with a standard bar-height stool.
  • 4-foot counters: For countertops around 4 feet tall, an extra-tall seat will be needed.

How do you chose a bar stool?

When you are choosing furniture for your kitchen, bar, or dining room, make sure you use these steps:

  • Pick a seat size: Pick from one of the three standard sizes based on the furniture or countertop you want to pair the stool with.
  • Figure out how many stools you need: Measure the width of your surface to avoid cramming too many bar stools into a small space.
  • Choose your seat style:Options to consider are whether youd like plain wood or mixed materials and if you want backless stools or not.
  • Select your barstool color: Choosing a color that matches the homes present décor is ideal, especially if other materials are present on a stool such as leather or metal.

What are common bar stool styles?

  • Backless: This is the classic bar stool design. The seats can be round or rectangular, but they never have a back.
  • Swivel: These bar stools are normally wood and/or metal. They turn around, so people can sit comfortably.
  • Adjustable: This is a great choice if you are not sure of your bar height. Adjustable stools can be raised or lowered.
  • Upholstered: Bar stools with a cushion are ideal if you plan on sitting on them for a while.