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Improve Your Home or Office Audio Experience With Sonance Speakers

A good speaker is a key to having a great audio experience. Speakers can be any size starting from the size of a baseball to the side of a refrigerator. eBay is a place where different types of Sonance speakers can easily be searched for and purchased.

What are the different types of speakers?

The different types of speakers are described here:

  • Full-frequency response loudspeakers - This type has several subcategories that depend on the frequency range. The full-frequency loudspeaker covers the full audio band of sound that ranges between 20 to 20,000 Hz. They are usually large in design.
  • Restricted-frequency response loudspeakers - Most loudspeakers can play a range of sound from 45 to 20,000 Hz. This is the restricted frequency response category. They often come in 'bookshelf' sizes.
  • Subwoofers - Subwoofers are meant to create very low tones from the audio dynamic range. A true subwoofer can produce a 20 Hz tone where the sound is no longer heard but felt within the body as a beat.
  • Home-theater speakers - These have two front speakers and two rear or side speakers as well as a center channel. Sometimes the home theater speaker also has a subwoofer.
What is the frequency range and balance?

The frequency range of Sonance speakers measures the selection of audio that the speaker can reproduce. The frequency range gives information about whether the speaker can reproduce lower bass sounds or high pitch sounds. If the speakers reproduce mainly low frequencies, the sound will be more booming and very low-frequency reproduction can make the sound muddy and indistinguishable. High-frequency speakers sound bright. A balanced frequency range is the one that expresses both soft and loud tones as well as high and low sounds.

What is a good space for speakers?

The room in which you use the speakers has a big say in what kind of sound is produced. The sound should be heard from the place where the two main speakers are both heard. Rooms with reflective surfaces like wood, glass, and empty walls will create a harder sound, and soft furniture like a tapestry, carpets, and drapes can balance this out by absorbing and diffusing sound. When the speakers are moved, the sounds can be drastically changed.

What are voltage sensitivity and power handling?
  • Voltage sensitivity: Voltage sensitivity lets you know how much the speaker can play at a given voltage. This gives an idea about the size of the amplifier that will be needed to run the speakers. This is usually measured in decibels (dB) per 2.83 V of input. Speakers that are efficient have at least 86 dB or higher.
  • Power handling: Power handling is the power measured in Watts that the Sonance speakers can take without being damaged. For example, a speaker with a maximum of 100 Watts is fine even for a 200-Watt amplifier per channel. The thing that can damage loudspeakers is having a very small amplifier and taking the sound to distortion levels.