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Install a Sony Marine Audio Stereo On Your Boat and Never Be Out of the Music Loop

Play a musical soundtrack on your next ocean trip or lake fishing trip with a Sony marine stereo. Available in abundance on eBay, these stereos allow for running a variety of different audio from a multitude of sources. Don't rely on a battery-powered portable radio when a more reliable and boat trip-supportive marine stereo exists.

What types of audio can a Sony marine stereo play?

The year of the Sony boat stereo's release along with the receiver's design dictates its audio source capabilities. Look carefully at the product description in the vast eBay inventory to determine whether the stereo receiver is limited to pre-2010 technology or can play modern sources. Out of all the many different affordable models, you will discover stereo/receiver systems capable of playing:

  • Compact disks
  • MP3 and other audio files
  • AM/FM radio signals
  • Bluetooth-connected devices
  • Satellite radio
What is meant by a marine stereo receiver?

A Sony marine stereo refers to a system designed for use on a boat. The design of specific Sony stereo units allows the units to work equally well on a ship or inside a car. A special dash kit may be necessary to install the receiver in a vehicle though. The word "receiver" commonly appears next to the word "stereo" on product packaging. A receiver takes audio from a source such as a radio or vinyl record, and then sends the audio signal to a speaker system. The speakers then emanate the sound. If you are looking for a wide range of different Sony stereo receivers, you can find new and pre-owned models on eBay's marketplace.

How does a Bluetooth-enabled Sony marine stereo receiver operate?

A Bluetooth-enabled stereo system supports the streaming of music to speakers. Streaming is, of course, a wireless process that doesn't rely on the Sony marine stereo wiring diagram. Bluetooth streams don't only impact how sound reaches the speakers. Depending on the setup, the stereo may receive audio from a computer or smartphone. The audio would run through the Bluetooth signal to the stereo and out to the speakers.

What type of ports are built into Sony marine stereos?

Consumers will notice two different types of ports on Sony marine stereos: USB and AUX. Both ports serve the purpose of connecting devices to the unit. Be mindful that older systems will not feature a USB port.

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