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Sony Marine Speakers Allow Boating With Excellent Sound

Sony marine speakers have the portability and versatility that is the hallmark for Sony brand name products. They are designed to be installed on boats easily and to provide seamless sound integration between speaker and device. Sony 6.5 marine speakers and category products from eBay offer precise and quality listening functionality, and their durable construction is key to their success as marine speakers.

What are the capabilities of Sony marine speakers?

Product category items for Sony marine speakers xs-mp1610w, Sony 6.5 marine speakers, Sony marine speakers xs-mp1611, and Sony marine speakers xs-mp1621 are manufactured to sound quality standards and include a Bluetooth option. Nautical weather is harsh, and inside the speakers, there are parts that run the risk for material degradation. Marine speakers are built to help minimize UV exposure and corrosive salt in the air and water.

The acoustic environment on the average boat differs from the car or home sound experience, which means durable material construction is required. Acoustic wideband sound is needed to transmit sound within an open environment. Marine speakers are offered for size specifications that match different boat structures. Sony marine speakers available from eBay include the following features:

  • Auxiliary input
  • Satellite radio ready
  • Waterproof
  • 6.5 in (16.5 cm) 2-way speaker design
  • IPx5 certified for marine use
  • 45 W power handling
  • Products offered at less than 250W and 250-499W
How do you pair these marine speakers with other devices?

Make sure Bluetooth is activated on the device you wish to pair to the marine audio. Select the Bluetooth source (radio, iPhone, Ipod. or other)and then go to Bluetooth Menu. Then, press 'Pairing' within the Bluetooth settings menu.

How easy is it to install Sony marine speakers?

Properly installed marine speakers will help optimize onboard sound quality. Boat installation for basic flush-mount stereo speakers is relatively easy. A few tricks will aid in maximizing the sound and life of the speakers, and will help to prevent damage from exposure to the wet, corrosive environment of a boat. Sony marine speaker products offer some features to help prevent this, including waterproof cones, sealed magnets, mounting gaskets, stainless-steel hardware and UV- and rust-resistant covers.

If you are installing marine speakers in a relatively thin aluminum or fiberglass substrate, then through-bolt it with nylon-locking nuts and backing washers to help prevent the speaker from vibrating loose. Use masking tape to cut and drill within the area. This will help guard against gelcoat cracking. Caulking the speaker after installation helps provide a flat area.

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