Stylist Station Trolleys

Organize Your Booth With a Salon Trolley

Neatly arrange all of your salon supplies with one of these convenient salon trolleys. You can find many different styles of salon trolleys at the most affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

What materials are these trolleys made from?

There is a large selection of trolleys to choose from, so you can easily find one crafted from your preferred material. Some of these salon trolleys are made of plastic, which is beneficial because it is easy to clean. There are also trolleys made of composite wood and others that are made of aluminum or other metals.

Features of these trolleys

Some of these trolleys have wheels on the bottom, making them easy to move from place to place. Many include expandable top trays so you have extra room when working or for storage. Some have pull-out drawers for storage, while others simply have open shelves. Some include molded compartments for supplies and tools. Others have locking compartments to keep your supplies safe from potential theft. Some of these trolleys can even fold up for storage when not in use. A few common features of all these salon trolleys include the following:

  • Multiple levels of shelving
  • Minimalistic design to fit any decor
  • Small footprint to fit small spaces
  • Sturdy design to prevent breakage
Are these trolleys only for salons?

Designed for the special needs and tools used by hair stylists, these trolleys are a great match for those working in a salon, such as hair dressers, aestheticians, or nail technicians. However, there are many uses for these trolleys outside of the salon. They could be useful in the home for storing school and art supplies for children. They could hold sets of tools or be useful for personal hair supplies. They could help to organize pet toys and medications. There are endless ways in which these salon trolleys can be useful and beneficial.

How do you find the right salon trolley?

Finding the right salon trolley depends on how you plan to use it. If you will be using it in the salon, you will want to make sure the trolley has enough space for your supplies and that it is tall enough so that you are not bending over often to reach it. If you need to be able to relocate your trolley, opt for one with wheels. No matter what you need in your salon trolley, you are sure to find new and used trolleys at affordable prices when you shop on eBay.