Stylist Stations

Stylist Station Buying Guide

Barber and styling stations include a range of different commercial furniture designed for spas, stylists, tattoo artists, and barbers to practice their trade. If youre a business owner or someone who wants to practice these skills in your home, your customers will find these chairs comfortable while you work. You can find new and gently used barber stations on eBay.

Whats the best way to choose a barber station?

The factors that can make a barber station a better fit for your needs can range from its design, style, cost, quality of workmanship, and how much assembly it requires.

  • Design features: Barber stations can range from simple swivel chairs to reclining and height-adjustable chairs. Some chairs include footrests, headrests, and additional cushioning to make long sessions more comfortable.
  • Style and services supported: If youre buying additional stations for an existing business, youll want to consider how their style and appearance will fit into the rest of your service area. If you have special services like massage or manicures planned, will the station work for them?
  • Durability and workmanship: Another major factor to consider is the workmanship of the stations. How many years does a new station need to last before being replaced or re-upholstered? Consider the reputation of the brand and the materials used to make a barber chair.
Types of barber station equipment that are available

Below are some of the common types sold on eBay:

  • Classic swivel barber chairs
  • All-purpose salon spa chairs
  • Reclining floor salon chairs
  • Stylist station cabinets and drawers
  • Wheeled makeup and shampoo organizers
What accessories can be found for barber stations?

A barber or salon workstation consists of more than just a swivel chair for clients to sit in while you work. Youll also need a place to keep all of your supplies at your fingertips, so you can work efficiently. Cabinets, organizers, floor mats, beauty mirrors, aprons, and other related items can be found that can be combined with a chair to make a custom workstation.

How much does a typical barber chair weigh?

Because most styling chairs include a hydraulic base, they can weigh well over 100 pounds. The smaller chairs will weigh around 150 pounds, and larger chairs that include extending leg and headrests can reach up to 200 pounds. Check with the manufacturer of each product for its exact weight.