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Sun Mountain Golf Bags

Since 1981, Sun Mountain has been making golf bags and apparel. They have both men's and women's golf bags, so that you can get on with your golf game. They make carry bags, cart bags, leather bags, and more.

What types of Sun Mountain golf bags are there?

There are four types of golf bags made by Sun Mountain. These include:

  • Carry-bags: Designed to be lightweight, the carry-bag can be carried on the back while moving from hole to hole. This bag has room to hold your clubs, some golf balls, and tees.
  • Staff or tour bags: Tour bags have molded bottoms for stability on a riding cart and compartments that support pulling clubs.
  • Stand bags: Larger than a carry-bag but smaller than a cart bag, the stand bag is designed with props that can pop out whenever you want to tee off.
  • Cart bags: These are large bags designed to be left in pushcarts. They are bigger than stand bags and carry-bags and offer features such as a velour-lined rangefinder pocket and individual club dividers.
  • Hybrid: Sun Mountain also makes a hybrid golf bag that can be used as a cart bag or a carry bag. Designed for pushing and lifting, hybrid bags are often lightweight. there are also hybrid carry/stand bags.
What should you consider when selecting a Sun Mountain bag?
  • Weight: This is a primary concern if you intend to carry your golfing gear out to the golf course. Whether you are going for a carry or a cart bag, it's prudent to consider the weight of the bag while making a selection.
  • Number of pockets: Consider the number of compartments to hold your tees, golf clubs, and golf balls. In addition to normal pouches, specialized pockets such as a beverage sleeve, valuables pocket, and an umbrella compartment can also be a factor to consider.
  • Divider system: The number of dividers varies in the models offered by Sun Mountain. The dividers come in full and half-lengths for club organization. The more dividers the bag has, the more clubs you may be able to carry.
What is a Sun Mountain golf bag dry hood?

You never know when it might rain, and if it rains on your golf clubs, it could eventually lead to rust. A dry hood connects to your golf bag directly, shielding the clubs from rain while also giving you access to your clubs. It folds up like an accordion so you can store it while not in use, and it usually comes with its own carrying case.

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