TTL Camera Flashes for Sony

Expand Your Photography Equipment With a Sony TTL Flash

Sony is a producer of many varieties of cameras and accessories for them. If youre searching for a way to measure light during flash photography, through-the-lens (TTL) photography is one method that may work for you. Understanding the types of TTL accessories that are available, how they work, and what specifications they might have could help you find the TTL flash that suits your needs.

How does TTL flash photography work?

TTL photography is a particular method for measuring the specific levels of light that reflect from a scene or subject during a photography session. If you would like to use the lens of your camera rather than an external meter to measure the degree of light, a TTL accessory like those from Sony may work for you. You may find this method of metering helpful if you already have to carry a lot of photography equipment with you. It may also be useful during a longer shoot when you need to gauge the light intensity for several shots in rapid succession. Some basic facts regarding this type of metering are:

  • SLR: TTL is usually associated closely with single-lens reflex cameras.
  • Sensors: You may be able to use the data you collect from this metering to set the image exposure to the sensitivity you prefer.
  • Light: You might wish to use this method to control how much light appears when you trigger the flash attachment.
Are there different TTL methods?

The precise methods for using TTL as a measurement can vary depending on whether you are using a digital or analog unit. The two main ways this process works are:

  • Digital: These cameras emit one or more tiny flashes before the film is exposed. These flashes serve as a measurement to determine whether a full flash is needed.
  • Analog: If a sensor detects enough light hitting the film already, it does not trigger the flash component.
What types of TTL accessories are there?

You may wish to choose a particular type of flash accessory depending on your needs. Some of the most common types of flashes include:

  • Flash guns: These units usually attach to hot shoes and will create a flash each time you take a photo. You may find them useful for a close-up flash photography session in which you must take several pictures quickly.
  • Rings: These accessories fit on the outer edges of your lens. They may be in high-speed sync mode if the speed of your shutter is higher than the maximum flash setting.
  • Hot shoes: This mounting point is on top of some cameras. It may be able to send a wireless signal to activate the flash when you need it.
What light types can you choose?

You may be able to find these accessories in two primary light types:

  • LED: These devices produce light via electronic diodes.
  • Xenon: These devices use a gas to create light.
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