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Ten-Point Crossbows

Explore TenPoint Crossbow Models and Features

TenPoint manufactures a line of crossbows and related equipment for your hunting or target practice needs. You can find several models of their crossbows on eBay. Understanding their main features can help you select the one that meets your needs or personal preference.

Carrying bolts with your TenPoint crossbow

Most TenPoint crossbows you can find on eBay offer at least one mode of carry for the bolts they use. Note that some models offer more than one carry option, and these features will differ depending on the specific crossbow you choose. In most cases, each crossbow uses a special quiver that holds your bolts until you need them. For your convenience, a mounting bracket can fix the quiver to the TenPoint crossbow directly. This ambidextrous bracket is useful regardless of your dominant hand. The quiver keeps your bolts secure, and an instant detach feature makes it easy for you to deploy them as necessary. Some of the TenPoint crossbows on eBay include a set of bolts that are ready to use.

What are TenPoint crossbows and accessories made from?

One of the most common materials for both the ammunition and the crossbow itself is carbon fiber. Carbon-fiber construction offers several potential benefits or features you may notice in the field:

  • Stiffness: Carbon fiber is rigid and resistant to impacts. This feature can protect your crossbow in the field and help your bolts absorb impacts when they hit a target.
  • Anti-corrosion: The properties of carbon fiber make it a material that is highly resistant to corrosion. These parts may be able to resist some of the adverse effects of various hunting environments.
  • Lightweight: Carbon fiber is strong while also being lightweight. This may make it easier for you to carry TenPoint crossbow equipment on your excursions.
Main features of TenPoint crossbows

Although the precise features you get with your TenPoint crossbow can vary according to the model you choose, many variations include basic elements that you may find convenient. Note that you can find some of these features on both new and preowned TenPoint crossbows. Features you might want to look for during your search are:

  • Scopes: Some models employ a scope that allows you to magnify your target area up to three times.
  • Cockers: You can find a rope-cocking mechanism in the butt of several TenPoint models. This accessory can reduce the draw weight and make it easier to reload the device.
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