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Thomasville Cabinets and Cupboards

Thomasville offers kitchen cabinets and cupboards in a variety of designs and door styles. Here is some information about the various styles and designs of Thomasville kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

What is Thomasville cabinetry made of?

The bathroom and kitchen cabinets come in a variety of wood types. While each wood has its own unique characteristics, the way it is finished contributes to the overall appearance. Thomasville cabinets for the kitchen can be made out of maple, cherry, oak, alder, rustic alder, hickory, thermofoil, and more.

What finishes are available for Thomasville cabinetry?

The final look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinet or cupboard will depend on the type of wood and the finish or stain you select. Options include:

  • Neutral finishes, including light to medium brown tones
  • Colored cabinetry that includes greens, blues, tans, or grays
  • Glazed finishes
What styles are available for Thomasville cabinets?

There are many styles of cabinets to choose from:

  • Blythe: As flat-paneled pieces of Thomasville cabinetry, they can blend with a variety of designs.
  • Camden: The Camden cabinetry features fine details.
  • Cottage: Thomasville used Shaker cabinets as an inspiration when designing the Cottage cabinet.
  • Langston: The lines stand out in the Langston, making for a blend of styles.
  • Linden: Linden offers a simple, classic appearance.
  • Plaza: These are compatible with full overlay door styles. This style features elegant raised panels.
  • Turner: These have a Shaker style with clean lines.
  • Villa: This cabinetry has soft lines on framed raised panels. They come in arches or squares.
How do you clean Thomasville kitchen cabinets?

For regular cleaning, you can use a soft cotton cloth that has been dampened with warm water to wipe down your bathroom or kitchen cabinets. You can also use mild hand dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water to clean the cabinets. Wipe them with a clean, damp cloth afterward. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use Thomasville Kitchen Cabinet Cream. For dusting, you can use a clean, soft, lint-free cloth.

What is Thomasville Kitchen Cabinet Cream?

Thomasville Kitchen Cabinet Cream is a product that gently removes oils, dirt, fingerprints, and other residues from the surface of your kitchen cabinets and drawers. As it removes these materials, it also polishes the finished wood surface. Just pour a small amount onto a damp cloth and apply to the Thomasville cabinetry and reapply as necessary. Then, wipe off the cream with a clean, dry cloth to give your kitchen cabinets a nice shine.

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