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Tippmann Paintball Markers

Tippmann Paintball Markers

Tippmann has been creating its paintball markers and accessories since 1986. Many of their paintball markers are manufactured in the United States in conjunction with GI Sportz and V-Force. Tippmanns paintball markers include markers like the Stryker, the Gryphon, and the Cronus.

How do you customize and upgrade a Tippmann A-5?

Tippmann A-5 paintball guns make solid guns you can customize. The design makes it easy for you to try different styles of weaponry without the need to purchase several markers. Features you can customize and upgrade include aesthetics, grip, and overall weapon size.

  • Aesthetics: Changing the appearance of your paintball gun can be done quickly by simply swapping out the Tippmann parts you want to change such as the stock or barrel.
  • Grip: If you know youll be involved in a longer session, it’s easy to swap out to a grip thats comfortable for the duration with a few simple, mechanical adjustments.
  • Size: If you want your Tippmann A-5 paintball gun to be lighter, you can exchange the barrel and stocks for a lighter, smaller option. For a heavy-duty marker, you can make the marker larger with a larger barrel.
What Tippmann paintball guns are available?

There are a variety of markers available for all experience levels. If youre a beginner, you may be interested in a base Tippmann A-5 Paintball gun. If youre a little more experienced, try an upgrade to the US Army Project Salvo, which mimics an AR-15 in looks, performance, and durability. Other models available include electronic versions of the US Army Alpha Black Elite.

Are paintball pistols available from Tippmann?

The TiPX paintball gun is available for paintball players interested in smaller paintball guns instead of rifles. The magazines and hoppers hold up to 12 rounds and can be quickly removed from the paintball gun when its time to reload. These markers are smaller and lighter than the rifle versions and are good for short games that dont require much magazine reloading.

What paintball marker accessories are available from Tippmann?

When youre ready to upgrade your paintball marker, consider accessory items such as stocks, triggers, barrels, loaders, receivers, and scopes. These Tippmann accessories are completely optional but ideal for an improved performance. Consumable accessory items include paintballs, hoppers, protective clothing, magazines, oil, and cleaning products necessary to keep your paintball markers in good shape and effectively play the sport.

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