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True Temper Garden Hand Tools and Equipment

Even though you may do most of your gardening work during the growing season, there are still plenty of tasks to perform when the cold weather comes. Ames True Temper garden tools make your work of cleaning up leaves and removing snow that much easier. More good news is the ergonomic design of many of their tools make lawn care customer friendly.

What sorts of tools are available from Ames True Temper?

Garden tools available from Ames, the Camp Hill, Pennsylvania company, include:

  • Snow and regular shovels. Snow shovels differ from regular ones because their heads are much wider, which allows you to remove snow with less strain. Some are ergonomic to really spare your back.
  • Leaf rakes:These sweep leaves and other debris from your lawn. Ones with smaller heads can be bought to clean the spaces around and beneath shrubbery.
  • Dirt tampers. These tools let you firm down soil around freshly planted poles and other features that need compacted soil.
  • Roof rakes:Roof rakes have long handles to allow you to easily brush snow and leaves from your roof.
  • Wedges: Wedges help you split wood neatly.
  • Wheelbarrows: Wheelbarrows help you move heavy items like bags of topsoil with ease.
  • Edgers: These help you keep the boundary between your grass and walkways tidy.
Does Ames True Temper offer replacement parts or accessories?

Replacement parts and accessories offered by the Ames company include:

  • Replacement blades for saws
  • Replacement handles for larger yard implements
  • Extra tires for wheelbarrows
  • Wheelbarrow handles
  • Pick heads and handles
  • Boxes for watering hoses
Are there tools available for the growing season?

Ames True Temper tools that help you tend your landscape during the warmer months include:

  • Gardening forkswhich help to break up the soil and allow you to move lighter materials such as hay or straw.
  • Scoops help you carry soil or other material easily.
  • Axes allow you to remove unwanted trees and shrubs. Ames even has vintage axes.
  • By-pass loppers and pruners make pruning and trimming a cinch.
  • Hoes help with weeding and breaking up soil.
  • Spades with a narrower head for digging.
Are there Ames True Temper tools to help yard care?

Other Ames True Temper tools include the following:

  • Cultivators: Cultivator tools help you break up soil to allow in air and nutrients.
  • Drain spades: These narrow-headed spades help you dig and clear out ditches and transplant shrubs.
  • Fruit pickers: These are tools that allow you to pick fruit from the highest branches of your trees.
  • Hand weeders: These tools help you dig out tough weeds by the root.
  • Post hole diggers: These can help you make holes deep and narrow enough for fence posts, mailbox posts, and other structures.