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What You Should Know About Universal Cell Phone Opening Tools

When you need to repair your cell phone, having the right tools can help you replace broken screens and other repairs. There are various kits and individual tools and accessories available depending on the repair project you’re working on.

What types of universal cell phone opening tools are available?

Universal cell phone opening tools include:

  • Sim card eject pin key: This tool consists of a handle on one end and a narrow pointed end on the other side. On devices that have a SIM tray, this tool is inserted into the small opening located on the tray. The tray then ejects it so that the SIM card can be removed from the mobile device.
  • Spudger sticks: This tool is made of nylon or plastic and is used as a prying tool, scraper, or to unscrew devices. On one side, the tool has a flat end while the other will be pointed. This tool can also be used as an aid in soldering.
  • Screwdrivers: Most smartphones will have tiny screws that keep the components attached to the frame of the device. Due to the size of the screws, the screwdrivers are a precise size and some smartphone brands will have their own proprietary screws that require specialized screwdrivers.
  • Suction cups: These tools will attach to the display glass of your smartphone so that the glass can be removed once the screen has been pried loose. Suction cups will sometimes have handles to aid in lifting the screen.
  • Heating tool: This tool will have an opening similar to a hair dryer and is used to apply heat to the smartphone. The heat is used to loosen the adhesive that is used to attach the glass screen. Some heating toolshave different settings to provide a lower temperature.
How do you select cell phone opening tools?
  • Gather information on your mobile phone: Some tools are specialized for a particular brand and model of smartphone that require nonstandard tools.
  • Select the tools: Most repair jobs list the type of tools needed to complete the work on your smartphone. There are also kits available that contain an assortment of tools that can be used for different jobs.
  • Select a color: If you are looking for multiple sets of tools that will be used by different people, you can select different colors for each user to keep track of the tools.
What types of cell phone adhesives are available?
  • Liquid UV glue: This type will usually be stored in a syringe-type container that has a nozzle to apply the glue in a thin line. This type of glue is designed to dry clear and is applied to the glass display of a smartphone.
  • Adhesive strips: Adhesive strips work similarly to double-sided tape where the adhesive is applied to both sides. Some strips will come in sets designed to contour a specific model of cell phone. Other strips will come in a roll that can be cut to fit your phone screen.