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Warner's Bras and Bra Sets

Warner's features a large array of bras for women. These bras are available in different materials, sizes, and styles so that each woman can find a comfortable bra. From wirefree bras to underwire and full-coverage models, Warner bras have the ability to help women feel supported.

How do women determine their proper Warner's bra size?
  • Look in a mirror: Wearing an unpadded, wireless bra, wrap a measuring tape around the band. The measuring tape should go directly under the bust and wrap around your front and back, under your arms. Round this measurement up if needed, and record it as your band size.
  • Measure the bust: Using the measuring tape, measure where the fullest section of the bust is and record that number as your bust size.
  • Find the difference: Subtract the band size from the bust fit to determine your cup size letter. A difference of 0 or 1 inches means you'll wear a AA or A cup, respectively. A difference of 2 inches is a B cup. A difference of 3 inches is C. D will be your cup size when there's a difference of 4 inches. If your bust is 5 inches larger than your band measurement, you'll wear a DD. Differences of 6 inches will be DDD or F. Finally, a difference of 7 inches will be G. Using these letters and the band number will provide you with an optimal fit.
What styles are available?

While this is not a comprehensive list of bras available from Warner's, you may find some of these styles.

  • T-shirt wireless bras: These wireless bras from Warner's are meant to be soft. With a smooth design that's intended to be invisible under a shirt, they should fit comfortably and naturally.
  • Sports bras: Warner's sports bras are meant to keep women supported when they're working out. In addition to choosing from underwire bras or wirefree bras, you can select from different levels of support.
  • Full-coverage bras: A Warner's bra designed for complete coverage covers virtually all of your breast, including the sides. You can choose from a variety of cup and lift designs as well as wired or wireless bras.
  • Demi bras: Demi underwire or wireless bras from Warner's are cut a little low throughout the entire front. In addition to providing a little extra lift and cleavage, this type of bra shouldn't create any bumps or visible lines under your shirt.
Are convertible wirefree bras available from Warner?

If you're seeking a bra for yourself or a loved one and don't know which style to pick, consider one of the convertible wireless bras. This type of bra can be transformed into a crisscross strap pattern and other variations.