Design a Perfect Ceremony With Beautiful Wedding Table Decorations

Once the wedding is over, your guests will be heading to the wedding reception to celebrate your union. You will want not only to provide them with food, but also to have attractive wedding table decorations. One of the best ways to find the preowned table decorations for weddings that you need is to look on eBay for inexpensive items to beautify your wedding tables.

What types of wedding tables are used at receptions?

Most wedding receptions include basic tables in the floor layout. Once you have the layout planned, you can begin thinking about the types of special wedding table decorations you will need.

These are the most common types of wedding tables at receptions:

  • Head table - This table will seat the bride and groom and their parents and may also seat the maid of honour and best man. This table should be rectangular so those seated can face the guests and it can be elevated, too. You will want wedding decorations that make the head table stand out from the other tables. You can use backdrops, special lighting, and elaborate centrepieces.
  • Bride's table - If you do not use a head table, then a separate bride's table is usually included. This table will hold the bride's cake, and it will have typical decorations that include bridal themes and special mementos.
  • Groom's table - If there is not a head table, then you will typically have a groom's table. This table will hold the groom's cake and have decorations that celebrate the groom.
  • Guest tables - These tables will typically have a common theme and be decorated accordingly. Some people choose to have different decorations for each guest table rather than using a single theme for all.
  • Gift table - This is the table where guests can leave gifts for the bride and groom. This table will usually have photos of the happy couple and suitable decorations.
  • Guestbook table - This is the table that hosts the wedding guestbook. It can be decorated accordingly.
Favourite wedding table centrepieces for guest tables

No matter what colors or themes you use in your wedding table decorations, certain basic types of centrepieces are always in style. Hurricane lamps, lanterns, vases with flowers, serving stands, tapered candles, and more can be used to create elegant centrepieces. These decorations can be used in combination with each other. Make sure the arrangements are tall enough to rise above the other items on the table.

What types of wedding decorations make good wedding favours?

It is customary to place wedding favours that guests can take home on each guest table. You can use these as table decorations. Think small, such as little boxes, bags, and bowls. A fun way to use small boxes is to collect jewelry gift boxes in a variety of colors and styles and use them to hold the favours.