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Honda Odyssey Wheel Lugs

If your Honda Odyssey minivan is leading a busy life ferrying passengers, it may have lost a lug nut along the way. Maybe you just want to spruce up your ride with a new set of rims. Either way, factory original lug nuts or styles to coordinate with your new wheels are widely available.

What are wheel lug nuts on a Honda Odyssey?

Like every vehicle, this Honda minivan has wheel lugs to hold the wheel onto the axle. Also called lug nuts, these parts are screwed onto the wheel studs to keep the wheel securely positioned. Besides being functional, these parts can make your tires look nice, too.

What is the bolt pattern of a Honda Odyssey?

This pattern is a set of numbers that tells you how many lug nuts are on each wheel and how far apart they are from each other. Most Odysseys have a pattern of 5x114.3. The 3.5i models may have a 5x115 or 5x120 pattern.

The first number of the pattern is the number of lug nuts per wheel. The second number expresses the diameter of the circle, in millimeters, formed by the nuts when they are installed.

What should you know when buying Honda lug nuts?

There are three specs you need to know if you are shopping for wheel lug nuts for your Honda minivan: thread size, thread pitch, and seat type.

  • The thread size and pitch refer to the threading pattern on the wheel stud. The lug nut must have the same threads or it will not fit. Thread size is the diameter of the wheel stud measured from the outside edges of the threads.
  • The thread pitch is a measure of the distance between the threads. This spec for most Odysseys is 12x1.5. For 3.5i models with a 5x120 bolt pattern, the thread size and pitch are 14x1.5. Both parameters are given in millimeters.
  • The seat type of a lug nut refers to the shape of the end that contacts the wheel. The Honda Odyssey typically has a conical or acorn cone seat type, but you should check your owner’s manual to be sure. There have been several styles of rims used on this vehicle over the years, and different rims may need different seat types.
What are the other features of Honda Odyssey lug nuts?

You may have choices about the length of the lug nut. If your rims have a hubcap, you may need short lug nuts that will fit under the cap. Other rim styles may need lug nuts with shanks so they extend far enough out to access with a wrench.

If you are concerned about your Odyssey rims being stolen, you may want locking lug nuts. You can buy a set of four and put one on each wheel. They can only be removed with the key that is specific to that set.

You may be replacing the factory rims on your Odyssey minivan with a new design. There are lug nut finishes available to match and enhance the new wheels. Silver, chrome, and powder black are all stylish options.