Wi-Fi Hotspot Modems

Take Your Internet to Go With a Mobile Hotspot

The internet is everywhere you are with mobile broadband technology. A mobile hotspot lets you share your connection with up to 10 wireless devices at the same time. This is a great device to take with you on vacation, and eBay has a ton of products like this to fit your budget and personal needs.

What are the advantages of buying a mobile hotspot?

Everyone is on the go these days more than ever. It makes sense to have a portable device you can carry with you to check email, video chat, and post to your blog while traveling. Using your phone as a temporary hotspot wears down your battery and consumes a lot of data. Instead here are some reasons to choose a mobile hotspot over phone tethering:

  • Convenience - A mobile hotspot has its own Lithium ion battery so you dont even need to plug it in.
  • Longer battery life - The battery is good for 12-24 hours of usage before needing to be charged.
  • Improved performance - It can share a connection with multiple devices without congestion.
  • Security - Its password uses the same 128-bit encryption code to prevent unauthorized users.
How do you choose a hotspot device?

When there are so many devices that are all similar, how do you choose one? There are devices for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Boost Mobile, just to name a few. The devices are very similar and do the same job. Where the difference comes in is in choosing a carrier and data plan because each one has their own pricing structure and limitations.

You can shop by carrier, price, or brand to get the device and service that work best for you and your lifestyle.

What carriers offer plans for unlimited mobile hotspots?

Each of the four major carriers has their own unlimited plans that cover unlimited talk, text, and data on your cell phone. If you already have a service plan, you can add on a data-only plan for hotspots and tablets. For an additional charge per month, Verizon gives you 22GB of data at 4G LTE and then reduced speeds to 3G for the rest of the billing cycle. Many of the others have data plans that work this way. You can also buy a stand-alone data plan if you dont want to add on or decide to change carriers.