Wide Angle Camera Lens for Minolta

Bolster Your Photography With a Wide-Angle Minolta Camera Lens

When you are on a vacation and notice a picturesque sunset, a wide-angle lens can help you capture the beauty in a single photo. Lenses that are compatible with your Minolta camera are manufactured by a wide array of brands that include Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sigma, and Tamron. Wide-angle camera lenses also come with a variety of maximum apertures that extend from f/1.2 to f/8.

What are the camera types compatible with these lenses?
  • Camcorder: This is a video camera that is able to capture and record video in a variety of standard and high-definition resolutions. These devices are designed to record the video onto a variety of different types of storage including memory chips, mini-DVDs, and cassette tapes.
  • SLR: Standard SLR cameras have a variety of manual and autofocus options. These record your images to film.
  • Digital SLR: A DSLR also comes with a wide range of automatic and manual settings. These models include digital sensors and are equipped with interchangeable lenses. The images are recorded in digital format, usually onto a memory chip.
  • Rangefinder: This is a device that is outfitted with a small rangefinder system that can help you measure the specific distance from the lens that you are using to the object you are focusing on.
  • Mirrorless: This system comes with a digital sensor but without a mirror system in the body of the device, which allows it to have a compact body. These models also come with interchangeable lenses.
Which focus types can these lenses be used with?
  • Manual focus: This is a type of focus system that requires you to change the focus of the lens by hand, which can usually be done using a thin ring that is found around the base or middle section of the lens. With this type of focus, the number can be changed in small increments.
  • Autofocus: This is a type of focus system that will change these settings for you before taking a picture. The system uses a small motor to function properly and will first identify an object in the frame of your lens that should be focused on.
  • Auto/manual: There are some lenses that are compatible with both focus types, which means that you can switch between the two options.
What is the focal length of a wide-angle lens?

The focal length of a lens is the exact distance from the lens of your camera to the sensor. This distance is always displayed in millimeters and can help to determine how much your lens can magnify an image. Lenses with shorter lengths will capture images in wide angles, wherein a large amount of a scene can be captured. Lenses that are equipped with longer lengths will produce images that are magnified and come with narrow fields of view. Certain lenses come with variable lengths while others are outfitted with a single length. The lengths available with these lenses range from 25 millimeters to 300 millimeters.

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