Wide Angle Camera Lenses for Canon

Create Expansive Videos With a Canon Wide-Angle Lens

A high-quality wide-angle lens for a camcorder allows you to capture broader and fuller shots. In fact, purchasing one for your camcorder, including Canon varieties, will enable you to create videos that would look comfortable on a giant movie screen. Heres what you should consider before purchasing one.

What is the typical size of these lens models?

There are several different wide-angle lens sizes available for most Canon camcorders. The most basic of these is the 24mm lens. This type is an f/2.8 STM lens that fits comfortably on the end of most camcorders. However, there are larger types available.

In fact, you can install an adapter to tweak the width of your wide-angle lens if it is too narrow or wide for your camcorder. These Canon adapters screw onto the glass and then onto the camera body. Once installed, they can be easily removed for cleaning. They can also be swapped out with other types of lenses.

What focus type is available for these lenses?

Before adding a wide-angle lens to your camera, it is essential to know what focus types are available. You can get a full range of options for these cameras, including:

  • Auto: This type of focus lets you focus on capturing video with your Canon camcorder without having to adjust while on the go.
  • Manual: A manual Canon camcorder requires you to adjust the focus on your own. This method helps to avoid any autofocus errors.
  • Fixed: Some cameras have a fixed focus, which means they cannot be adjusted from their preset positioning.
  • Blended types: Some types of camcorders use both manual and autofocus, allowing you to select which type you want to use in a specific situation.
Which types of film can they shoot on?

Many types of Canon cameras use film to capture video. However, these types are increasingly harder to find as more people switch to digital models. Wide lenses can work with both types of these Canon cameras and may even be swapped between the two depending on your needs.

How do you prepare to use them for action shots?

When using Canon cameras for sports or other high-action events, it is essential to prepare carefully for the shoot by choosing the most appropriate viewing position. A wide lens can capture a majority of this action and provide you with a comprehensive view. However, you need to make sure that you choose a position that captures a majority of the field.

Typically, the most appropriate angle is usually along the longest end of the viewing area. For example, a shot of a football field is often perfectly captured along the sidelines. In this way, you can get a total view of the area that provides your Canon with optimal viewing.

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