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Windows 10 Tablets

Windows 10 tablets include tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro, HP Spectre x2, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, and the Acer Switch 3. When selecting a Windows 10 tablet, there are various features to consider, such as battery life, RAM, storage, and camera.

What’s the difference between an x64 and x32 Operating System?

A 64-bit CPU architecture can handle large amounts of Random Access Memory (RAM) better than their 32-bit counterparts. In effect, this means that you can radically stock more RAM on an x64 Operating system than a 32-bit Operating System.

With more RAM, your Windows 10 tablet will be able to open windows faster and handle multitasking more seamlessly. In addition to better memory management, you will also enjoy the benefits of advanced security features that are not available to 32-bit users. Hardware DEP and Kernel Patch Protection are some of the safety features you will have so as to prevent kernel exploits and driver infections.

Does Microsoft Office come preinstalled?

There is a common misconception that Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Office for all users. Microsoft Office Mobile suite may or may not be installed on your Windows 10 device for a few reasons:

  • You may not intend to use these apps.
  • Your device's storage is not large enough.

However, whether or not Microsoft Office comes pre-installed, you can always get the limited suite of Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, and One Note as an after-market option. These types of tablets are touch-friendly and bridge the gap between web apps and the full-featured Microsoft suite.

Is the device eligible for Windows 10 updates?

Yes. Just like any other Windows device, Windows 10 tablets get frequent updates. The internal storage does offer a good amount, but it is a good idea to invest in additional storage devices such as a microSD card or an external hard drive because updates consume space.

Is Windows 10 compatible with Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can use it with your home system or with any other public Wi-Fi at school, at the library, or at a local restaurant. You should, though, exercise caution when using public Wi-Fi due to cyber insecurities. Windows 10 tablets are built for portability, and all come with Wi-Fi drivers for connectivity with the web when you are on the go.

Is 2GB RAM enough for schoolwork?

It largely depends on the purpose of the end user. If you only need the Windows 10 tablet for school projects, maneuvering around the Microsoft Office Suite, and doing assignments, then it should be enough. If you want to do something additional, though, like watch movies, edit videos, or work with multiple windows, you will encounter stutters every once in a while. RAM is not the most important factor; other aspects such as processor speed play a role in the speed of a Windows tablet.

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