Women's Satin Garter Belts

Womens Satin Garter Belts

Garters are a type of specialty fashion lingerie that holds up stockings when the stockings do not have elastic to stay up on their own. They were invented in the 1920s before stockings had any nylon or elastic to keep them up. A garter belt may also be worn for aesthetic purposes along with a bra, cheeky panty, thong, or miniskirt for a sexy time in the bedroom or for wearing under a dress or skirt. Garter belts made of satin are available in a full range of colors and styles for women.

What are the features of satin garter belts?
  • Lace insert - A black satin garter may have a coordinating black lace insert in the front or back of the belt. The decorative black lace insert is typically made of knit polyester threads that coordinate with your lace panty, bra, or other lingerie.
  • Coordinates with lingerie - A garter belt is great for wearing with other lingerie, such as a corset, negligee, camisole, or bra on the upper part of your body. They coordinate with lace or traditional stockings and thong, G-string lingerie, bikini underpants, or fashion panties.
  • Elastic - The elasticized part of the lingerie helps keep it in place around your waist. The smooth fabric ensures that there are minimal panty lines under your skirt when wearing it. The stretchy material also allows it to easily fit on top of your panties while not adding bulk that is noticeable when wearing a tight dress.
  • Suspenders - These are the straps that attach to the stockings using special buckles that gently hook into the lace or stocking top.
How do you choose a satin garter belt?
  • Choose a style - Choose a garter with metal or plastic and rubber clasps. Select a garter belt with lace or solid satin fabric.
  • Select a color - Garter belts made of satin are available in solid colors, such as black or white, or in stripes, floral designs, and animal prints. Many also have decorative ribbon bows, flowers, or other colorful accents.
  • Choose a size - Choose the same size of garter belt as you would choose in other lingerie for women. These satin belts for women range in size from extra-small to extra-large. The garters are also available in plus sizes.
How do you attach a stocking to a garter belt?

To attach stockings to the garter belt, begin by putting on the fashion satin garter. Close the garter with its clasps, hooks, or hook and loop tape to keep it in place around your waist. Pull up your nylon stockings to their full length up your thighs. Adjust the suspenders of the garter to meet the top of the stockings. The suspenders on the sides should be 1 inch shorter than those in the front of the garter. The garters back suspender should be 2 inches shorter. This helps keep the stockings in place as you move. Fasten the clasps of the garters to your stockings. Do a few squats to make sure the garter belt stays in place and feels comfortable. You may need to tighten the suspenders after wearing the garter for a while.