Women's Snowboards

Womens Snowboards

Theres much to consider when purchasing a snowboard. Womens snowboards vary by the weight of the rider, the core of the snowboard itself, the type of snowboarding being done, and the turning ability needed during your day of riding the slopes.

How do you choose a snowboard length for women?

  • Height and weight - A rider who is on the shorter side, weighing less than 120 pounds, will need a size that fits within a certain parameter. The board should measure approximately 128 centimeters to 136 centimeters. As the persons weight climbs, so does the length of the snowboard.
  • Type of riding - The type of ride will impact the length of the womens boards, too. Freestyle riding will require a shorter board while riding down a mountain will mean a longer womens snowboard.

 What do you need to know about womens snowboard shapes?

There are a variety of styles available. The shapes of the board will depend on the style of riding.

  • Directional - These snowboards are meant to be ridden in a single direction with the tail being more rigid than the front of the snowboard.
  • Twin shape - This one is identical from the front to the tail. On these boards, the shoe bindings are in the middle.
  • Directional twin - These are a mix of direction and twin shapes. The board is the same from tip to tail. Its placed on a directional core. This is one thats softer at the tip like the twin.
  • Asymmetrical - These types of boards are growing as women realize that the base doesnt need to be symmetrical since your body isnt. These boards come with soft heel-side cores.

 Does ability level influence board choice?

Yes, the beginning snowboard rider needs to have a beginner board with a style, shape, and length that fits her ability level. Beginner womens snowboards come in short styles to help the beginner learn to control the board.

 What is the correct width for a womens snowboard? 

The width of the womens board is often influenced by the size of her bindings. Larger feet will require a wider board, but the edge of the boots should hit the edge of the board. When the board is on its edge, the persons toes shouldnt hit the snow. Keep this in mind when browsing for snowboards.

Does mountain style matter for womens snowboard choice?

The boards will often have a rating or a label on them, so youll be able to choose the right snow board and base.

  • All-mountain – For all conditions and terrain
  • Freeride – Varied terrain that isnt on groomed runs
  • Freestyle – For rails, tree trunks, switch-riding, and wall rides
  • Powder – For floating over the deep snow
  • Splitboards – Backcountry terrain where the board will need to be split for uphill climbs

The snowboards should fit the ride style, base requirements, and edge that the woman needs for her day on the slopes. Its easy to find the right board and ride the slopes within a few days.

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