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Use Rustic Lamps to Create an Old Fashioned Decor

When moving throughout your home, lamps add ambiance and character to make spaces inviting. For instance, a bedroom table lamp made from aged wood has a rustic vibe. So does a floor lamp with a log base pedestal and textured finish shade. Light up a desktop or add a hanging lamp in your dining room to create a casual rustic style.

What Makes a Lamp Look Rustic?

Decorators may design a home using items that look old but may not be antiques. To bring out the rich tones of wooden beams and furniture, select a rustic design like a natural wood table lamp. The lamps themselves may include a combination of metal and wood along with natural elements, such as deer antlers, to create an old-fashioned look.

Choosing the Right Rustic Lamps

  • Bedside Lamps: Lighting that includes a dimmer promotes an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. You'll find primitive-looking rectangular bases made from wood containing motif cutouts, such as stars and other calming figures.
  • Home Office Lamps: A industrial lamp made from reclaimed wood and a steel pipe starts many conversations with clients and friends. Lamps may have a carved base that looks like a tree trunk to bring the outdoors inside. You can add LED and other types of bulbs to the desk lamp to provide illumination without adding glare to the table top.
  • Living Room Lamps: Your decorating prowess can really shine in this communal space where everyone gathers. The gold-toned patina finish on a handmade copper table lamp adds richness and rustic charm along with the custom-made leather accents. Consider other cool options like a distressed mahogany wood lamp sealed with a rottenstone glaze or matching driftwood table lamps.
  • Salt Lamps: The Himalayan salt lamp adds a soft glow to any room. Aside from its rustic appeal, the lamp works around the clock to clean and remove pollutants such as pollen, smoke, and dust. Many people purchase salt lamps to reduce allergy symptoms, such as seasonal coughing.

What Are Some Benefits of Battery-Powered Lamps?

Take battery-powered rustic lighting, such as a small flameless lantern, with you outdoors when you're lounging on the patio. Bring it back inside to add mood lighting to a bedroom or den. Additionally, you can take battery-powered lights along with you when camping, or store them for emergency use in case the power goes out. Equally convenient are corded lights that plug into any wall outlet.