Compare 14k Fine Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelets Without Stones

Bangles yellow gold 14k fine bracelets without stones are rigid cylindrical or split bracelets which traditionally originated in India and Pakistan. Gold bangles are plain for everyday wear, stylishly designed for an evening out, or elegantly diamond cut and engraved for 50th wedding anniversaries. For your special occasion, compare 14k fine yellow gold bangle bracelets without stones on eBay, where you can shop with confidence.

What kind of 14k gold bangle bracelets are available?
  • Womens: A womans 14k gold bangle bracelet is a single-hinged, adjustable, or slip-on single item or part of matching set. These bracelets are available in varied lengths and widths.
  • Mens: A solid-gold mens bangle is thicker than a womens bangle bracelet.
  • Childrens: Children can also wear gold bangles. In fact, there are many cultures in which toddlers and children wear these jewelry items.
  • Engraved: A gold bangle bracelet becomes an heirloom. Engraved bangle bracelets with messages can be personalized or ornate and formal.
  • Hinged: Hinged bangle bracelets for women are typically 6 inches to 8 inches long with a chain, and the hinges can be adjustable or overlapping. See the manufacturer site for details. Hinged bangles for children may end in hearts, cats, or dogs.
14k gold bangle bracelet features
  • Womens: A womans 14k gold bangle bracelet is solid and cylindrical or split with a spring or latch for opening and closing. They are plain or elegantly engraved with 14k gold inlays.
  • Mens: Mens 14k gold bangles are larger than womens. Mens bangles are solid, chain link, varied open link, or beveled. Solid mens bangles can be engraved.
  • Childrens: When buying a 14k gold bangle bracelet for a child, you must consider size if the bracelet is not adjustable. Hinged or latched 14k gold bangles are better for children.
  • Engraved: Engraved 14k gold bangle bracelets may be filigreed, etched, diamond-cut, or styled into hearts, S-shapes, or leaf patterns.
How do you choose a 14k gold bangle bracelet?

While choosing the 14k gold bangle bracelet that expresses your feelings, you need to consider the length, width, and weight of the bangle from the choices available to you on eBay. Consider the relative size of the wearers wrist and how the bangle will appear on the arm. You may prefer a hinged or latched bangle to for its firm attachment. eBay has many different new and pre-owned 14k yellow gold bangle bracelets for you to choose the style and design that you want.