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ZTE Mobile Broadband USB Modems 3G Cellular Network Technology

Expand Your Reach With ZTE

Having extra bandwidth with a modem while out on the road or in a remote area gives you certainty. With ZTE, keeping your wireless phone operating can be assuring and a life saver. The ZTE modem is also a great addition to the home or office. There are many chances to be productive or active while on the go or at home.

What Advantages Stand Out?

Its a great feeling to be connected to the digital world when you choose to be. A ZTE 3G modem go everywhere you can. Pair this device with your network and the drop off gaps get smaller:

  • Size: This small device is powered through a USB connector. There is no need to find a power outlet.

  • Ease of Use: This plug and play device makes it easy to get online with little effort

  • Affordable: The price points for these devices is surprisingly affordable. Theres hardly any reason not to invest in one.

What Comes in the Box?

The contents of this device are contained in a sealed package. Some un-boxing is required before using the device on a desktop or laptop. Once the device has been unboxed, read the instructions on how to configure with computer. Install the device to the computer and follow the prompts from the computer.

  • Mobile Modem: This device will have a removable panel to insert the sim card.

  • Dongle: For computer devices that lack a standard USB port, a dongle was provided to act as an adapter

  • Instructions: Use the instructions to properly configure the device with your computer.

  • Sim Card: This critical piece is also included and ready to be installed into the device.

Ways to make this device useful

Acting as a 3G modem, this 7.2 Mbps device gives the user opportunities to take their work or play on the go. For more stationery computer setups, this device can aid in providing digital access in places around the home or office where service typically drops.

  • Home and Office: This device can expand your broadband reach to enable you to get the most out of your home or office space.

  • On the road: Acquire additional range with this ZTE device. At public places where Wi-Fi is available, this device will make access even easier.

  • Long-Distance Traveling: In places where a mobile network is limited, this device can fill those gaps in order to keep the process going.

  • VOIP: Voice over internet protocol is an excellent way to make use of this device.

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