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Zara Coats, Jackets & Vests for Women

Zara Down Coats and Jackets for Women

One of the realities that comes with the winter season is needing a warm, yet comfortable coat or jacket to help protect you from the elements. Even if youre not planning a ski trip or winter adventure, you need an everyday coat to drive to work, go for a winter hike, or play with the kids in the snow. When it comes to quality, Zara coats and jackets are built to last through many a winter season.

What Styles of Down Coats and Jackets Are There?

Down jackets and coats are not all created alike. There are separate styles for different occasions, or for different levels of warmth.

  • Puffer coat: Perhaps the most popular style of womens down jackets is a puffer coat. This type of coat has thick stitching throughout the exterior of the coat, giving it a "puffy" appearance. Warm and comfortable, this is available as both a coat and a puffer jacket.
  • A simple down/quilted jacket: This type of thin jacket or coat may have an outer material of polyester or cotton, but has a down lining to keep you warm. Sometimes, this type of coat will feature a hood for extra warmth. Some trench coats may also have down lining, although they look thin on the outside.
  • Parka: Most parkas have a thick down lining for that extra layer of warmth. This may have a quilted interior for even more comfort.

What Types of Materials Comprise a Down Jacket?

While polyester or blends are the most common materials, there are noteworthy others to take a look at before making a decision.

  • Wool: Some down jackets may have a wool outer layer, adding either to the fashion or the warmth of the wool coat.
  • Leather: It is not uncommon for some Zara styles to have a textured leather exterior to add style to the coat itself.
  • Fur or faux fur: Look for fur coat options that have interior down lining to help keep you warm in the coldest of temps.

What Are Some Different Outerwear Features?

A coat is something you wear every day, so you want to know all of its features before purchase. Some extra features to note include:

  • Belted: A belted down coat or jacket allows you to tie the coat snugly at the waist, for a perfect fit that hugs the hips.
  • Pockets: Make sure your down coat or jacket has big, comfortable pockets. Functional in the winter, larger pockets are a good place to stash keys, mobile phones, and other small belongings.
  • Collar: Some prefer a large collar, while others prefer no collar at all. Make sure the coat youre looking at has the type of collar you need. Some down coats feature a fur or faux fur collar.

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