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adidas UltraBoost White Sneakers for Women

Kickstart Your Run With adidas UltraBoost White Sneakers for Women

Runners know the importance of a good pair of running shoes. Additionally, they understand just how much of a difference a pair of shoes designed with a runner's needs in mind. adidas UltraBoost white sneakers for women provide just that. Considered one of the top athletic shoe producers across the globe, adidas was founded in 1949. By 1954, adidas had earned their claim to fame, creating athletic shoes that were made with success in mind. Each new shoe provides runners and athletes alike with exactly what they need to hit the ground running.

How do adidas UltraBoost shoes compare to other adidas shoes?

Each line of shoes designed by adidas serves a different purpose. The shoes are made with runners in mind, but each runner has personal preferences that define their expectations. The UltraBoost shoe model, for instance, is designed for long, urban runs. The Alphaedge 4d shoes, however, are designed for professional running. Therefore, they're better for when you plan to consistently run on the track or in a pro setting. Plus, the adidas Alphaedge 4D shoes are designed in an unusual manner, via 3D printing. These shoes use athletic data to design fit and form, which causes them to run just slightly too large for many individuals. However, UltraBoost shoes have the needs of urban runners in mind. They're made to be lightweight, easy to wear, and comfortable.

What features are included in the UltraBoost sneaker line?

This line of shoes includes a variety of features, such as:

  • Pirmeknit upper for additional support and comfort
  • Boost cushioning for high-end response and bounceback
  • Fitcounter molded heel to allow the shoe to mold itself to the shape of your foot
Are adidas UltraBoost sneakers true to size?

Many customers found that the shoes were just a little bit large when they tried them on. For form-fitting shoes like this, adidas recommends that you purchase a half size smaller than you usually would, as the shoe molds itself to your feet. See the manufacturer's website for further size guidelines.

adidas UltraBoost New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon 2 Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 Skechers GOrun 7+
Available Sizes Women's 5.5 to 11 Women's 5 to 12 Women's 5 to 12 Women's 6.5 to 11
Fit Somewhat large True to size True to size True to size
Closure Laces Laces Laces Laces
Arch Type Normal Normal to low Normal Low to normal
Run Type Long urban runs Normal urban runs Long urban runs Short urban runs
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