Chung Shi

chung shi

chung shi is a line of footwear started in Bavaria in 2001 by Michael Ertl and Matthias Graf von Krackow. The name chung shi originates from an ancient Eastern philosophical tradition and means live your present, respect your experiences, and plan for your future. Featuring a range of athletic shoes, their products are designed with an emphasis on balance, both physical and mental.

What features do chung shi athletic shoes offer?

chung shi shoes use a patented Balance Step design, which is a thick, rounded sole that actively controls the way you walk. It mimics the way your feet move when barefoot. This design was invented to help with your posture, put less strain on joints and ligaments, and improve muscle tone through walking and other types of physical activity. The rounded sole is meant to make your steps more fluid and cause less impact on the bones and joints in your legs.

What other styles of shoes does chung shi offer?

chung shi makes other types of shoes that feature the Balance Step sole. Their range of footwear also includes stylish slingbacks and sandals, loafers, and work shoes available to suit any outfit or occasion.

How does each pair of chung shi shoes vary?

Here are some of the different options to consider when selecting a pair of chung shi shoes:

  • Size: Make sure to select the correct shoe size when purchasing shoes. Pay attention to whether the size is listed in U.S. or European standards, as sizing varies in different parts of the world. You can find size comparison charts to help select the correct shoe size for you.
  • Style: There are a variety of chung shi shoe styles to choose from. You can find athletic trainers for walking or working out, work shoes made for professional environments, and fashionable slingbacks or sandals for a night on the town.
  • Color: chung shi makes shoes in a wide variety of colors, including white, gray, black, and brown to go with a range of outfits and occasions. Select the one that appeals to you.
When can you wear chung shi shoes?

Although chung shi trainers were developed for walking and exercise, they can be worn in everyday situations as well. Because the Balance Step system was designed for walking, the benefits to your body can be seen in casual everyday situations as well as through physical exercise.

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