Asientos De Rodillo automotriz y creepers

Automotive Roller Seats and Creepers

When you need to work on your automobile or truck, some of the work may need to be done underneath the body. Mechanics creepers make it easier to access this part of an automobile, which is typically difficult to get at without a professional-grade lift. Creepers are designed with comfort in mind so that you can do repairs or maintenance without having to stop and stretch your body.

What are the features of roller seats and creepers?

  • Independently rolling casters: The independently rolling casters allow you to move under a car lengthwise from the back to the front tires and from right to left. This allows you to get more work done, without having to come out and move the mechanics seat one way or the other.
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion: Creeper seats have a powder-coated cover on top of the steel if they are made of metal. Some creeper seats are made of quality and durable plastic, which also resists rust and corrosion. This helps protect the seats if any car fluids drip onto them while you are working. The powder-coated cover and plastic also resist solvents and other chemicals that you may be using on an automobile.
  • Lightweight and able to be folded: Creeper seats are lightweight. You can move them around your garage with ease. Some of the seats can be folded into an upright seat so that you can work on the wheels or bumpers without having to squat.

How do you choose automotive roller seats and creepers?

  • Choose a weight capacity, length, and width: The seats usually have a weight capacity of 200 to 450 pounds. The seats made of metal typically have a higher weight capacity than the creepers made of plastic. The seats range in width from 18-40 inches and in length from 36-60 inches.
  • Select the brand: There are many manufacturers of creepers, including Lisle, Torin, Whiteside, and Traxion.
  • Choose a material: Powder-coated steel and heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride are the most common materials used for a mechanics creeper. The interior part of the creeper may have a steel frame for enhanced strength. Some of the seating units have a layer of foam, silicone, or rubberized material to enhance your comfort while you are lying on it.

How do you use automotive creepers?

Automotive creepers are designed for you to lie down flat on your back and roll under the car while the vehicle is secured on ramps or on a jack. The creepers have four or more casters that roll and lock into place once you are in the desired position. The creeper allows you to roll under the vehicle and back out again when doing activities such as changing spark plugs, replacing the brakes, checking for leaks, or doing work on the chassis. The creepers keep you off the floor and close to the under-body of the vehicle.