Rampas de servicio automotriz

Automotive Service Ramps

Automotive service ramps, also known as trailer, auto, or floor ramps, are devices onto which you can drive your vehicle in order to lift its rear or front wheels. They are either made of metal or high strength plastic. Using one of these car ramps allow you to access the underside of your vehicle.

What are the benefits of using automotive service ramps?

They are used each time you want to raise the rear or front of your automobile without using a floor jack. They can also be used when you want to load your automobile into a trailer or on a platform for display during exhibitions or for transport. Benefits that are associated with using them include:

  • Convenience: It takes less time to drive your automobile onto a ramp than to use a floor jack.
  • Safety: Since they do not have moving parts, ramps are very safe to operate and use.
What should you consider when buying automotive ramps?

The simplicity of handling this device allows you to take very little into consideration when you are planning to purchase a set. The first thing you ought to consider is the ground clearance of your car. Most ramps work perfectly fine with most cars, but automobiles that sit low, including race cars, exotic cars, and sports cars, might need longer, low-lying automotive ramps. The other factor is the weight of your vehicle. They are rated to a particular weight capacity. You would not want to put a heavy truck on a ramp that is only capable of supporting lightweight cars. The rule of thumb is that it should support more than three-quarters of the weight of the automobile. This provides a safety margin in case the car does not have perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

What are the different types of automotive ramps?

They are classified according to the type of service or task being undertaken on the vehicle. Below is a guide to help you select one that best suits you:

  • Oil Changes: With this type, the first thing you would want to consider is the height since you would want enough space to enable you to work underneath as well as move around. The extra space also protects you from hot engine parts.
  • Low-Clearance Vehicles: When it comes to low-lying automobiles, the key is the length. When servicing these automobiles, the best choice would be the longer ramps with shallower angles. This reduces the risk of damaging the bodywork and bumpers.
  • Driveways: At some point, you might need to service your automobile in the driveway as a result of an unforeseeable problem. You should get a ramp with adjustable angles so you can line up the ramp to make it easier for both the rear and front tires to drive onto the ramp. Once the automobile is in place, ensure that you leave it in gear, as well as apply the parking brakes.