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BLACK+DECKER Toaster Ovens

BLACK+DECKER Toaster Ovens

BLACK+DECKER offers toaster ovens in many sizes, ranging from compact four-slice toaster ovens to large eight-slice options. BLACK+DECKERs toaster ovens arent just for heating bread; many of them can be used for small baking tasks and more.

What toaster oven sizes does BLACK+DECKER offer?

The brands selection of countertop toaster ovens includes:

  • Four-Slice Toaster Ovens: The brands four-slice toaster ovens are built for small meals. They have interiors that fit 9-inch pizzas and microwave dinners.
  • Six-Slice Toaster Ovens: The six-slice ovens are slightly expanded, with room for 12-inch pizzas.
  • Eight-Slice Toaster Ovens: The brands eight-slice ovens are extra wide, and theyre roomy enough for baking. They can accommodate a 13-inch by 9-inch pan for lasagna, brownies, and other dishes that usually require a traditional oven.
How does a toaster oven work?

Toaster ovens have heating elements at the top and bottom for cooking foods on both sides. Many of the brands models have extra features that allow users to bake, broil, toast, and keep warm. It features two trays: one for the food and one for catching crumbs.

What features do BLACK+DECKER toaster ovens have?

These ovens have many features and benefits, including:

  • EvenToast Technology: Many of the brands ovens are equipped with EvenToast technology, which creates an even distribution of heat across the entire surface of the food/dish.
  • Removable crumb tray: The removable crumb tray prevents food from falling onto the heating elements and burning. After it has collected crumbs, just take the tray out, wash, and slide back into place.
  • Multiple settings: The brands countertop ovens arent just for toasting. They have multiple setting options that range in temperature from 0 to 450 degrees.
  • Dual timers: Some of these ovens have dual timers, which allow users to keep track of multiple cooking tasks at once.
  • Moveable trays: These allow you to place your food closer to either the top or bottom heating mechanism depending on the dish.
What are some BLACK+DECKER toaster oven styles?
  • Stainless steel: Most of BLACK + DECKER toaster ovens are stainless steel. This material resists corrosion, fire, and heat damage. It also resists impacts, dings, and cuts more than toaster ovens made from softer materials.
  • Plastic: Offers the same heat resistance as stainless steel, but without showing smudges or fingerprint marks. Available in white, black, and a mix of the two colors.
  • Large window: The large window design allows you to keep an eye on your food/dish as it cooks. This feature also keeps the oven from getting too hot without lowering the temperature inside the toaster.
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