Bicycle Water Bottles & Cages

Bicycle Water Bottles and Cages

Whether you are cycling in the heat or the cold, it is important to stay hydrated. Having a water bottle attached to your bike makes it easy to grab a drink without interrupting your ride. Bicycle water bottles and cages come in many styles and materials that let you choose just the right one for you.

What are bike water bottles made of?

BPA-free plastic is a common material for water bottles for cyclists. Their main advantage is probably that they are lightweight. You can choose a rigid or more squeezable variety, depending on your personal preference.

Metal bottles are also available. Although they are the heavier choice, they have thermal properties that can help insulate your water. They are also less likely to puncture or break if you drop them on rough ground.

What features should you consider in a bicycle water bottle?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Shape: Water bottles for cycling need to have a molded-in collar that keeps them from bouncing out of the bottle cage. Many of them are also shaped to provide better grip as you are drinking. The shape you choose must be compatible with your bottle cage.
  • Spout design: Water bottles may have a pull-open type of spout or a locking valve. The primary consideration is that you only need to use one hand to drink from it.
  • Insulation: If you commonly ride in hot weather, an insulated bike water bottle will keep your drink cool and refreshing.
  • Measurement markings: This is a convenient feature if you like to mix sports powders in your bottle. Having markings on the side of the bottle saves a step in the mixing process.
What are water bottle cages?

Bottle cages are the holders that are mounted onto your bike to hold a bottle of water. They are usually designed to fit either on the down tube or the seat tube of the bike. If your bike is big enough, you can mount two bottle cages at once to double the amount of water you carry when you are cycling.

What are some features of water bottle cages to consider?

Bottle cages may be made of metal, plastic, or carbon fiber. Metal is heavier, and carbon is usually a lighter choice. Some cages have a very simple design and are essentially just a wire rack. Many water bottle cages allow you to carry bottles of different sizes. They may also offer simple adjustments that you can make to ensure a secure fit.

A bottle cage should hold the bottle securely when you are riding over rough terrain. At the same time, it should release the bottle easily when you need to take a drink. Different models use different methods, such as rubber inserts and wrap-around styling, to give the cage more grip. For easier release, you may want a cage that lets you remove the bottle from either the top or the side.