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Garage Door Parts and Accessories

Garage doors allow you easy and convenient access to your car and other stored items. There are an array of parts and accessories that you can add to help your garage door function more easily and quickly. You can consider a number of options for your garage door in your home or business.

What type of garage door opener fits a low ceiling?

A ceiling fitted below five inches is considered to be a low ceiling. There should be an allowance of two inches between the ceiling and the garage door to permit the installation of any of the three types of openers, namely screw-driven, chain-driven, and belt-driven parts. If there arent two inches of clearance, then a Liftmaster like the Jackshaft motor can be installed on the door.

How can you maintain the garage door?

You can apply high-grade lubricant on all the hinged garage door parts and tighten the hardware parts on the door every year. You can choose a lubricant and do this yourself or provide the equipment to a professional who can help you maintain, repair, and check your various garage door parts and accessories.

What parts and accessories can fix garage door hinges?

Hinged garage doors come off as a result of misalignment of the horizontal tracks, unscrewed bolts, or loose metal brackets at the end of the track on the door. You can replace the bolts and brackets to help fix issues with a hinged garage door. If the rollers are still on the tracks, tighten the bolts using a screwdriver from a garage door repair kit while holding the bracket on the garage door.

Does an overhead garage door need a lock?

If you are using an electric garage door opener, there is no need to install a lock. The garage door trade association also advises against the installation of a lock when an opener has been attached. The reason is that a child or other member of the family can unintentionally lock the door. If there is no opener installed on the overhead door, you can choose a lock as an important accessory to protect your garage doors security.

Can you use an extension or torsion system?

Extension systems stretch along the horizontal track of the door and are located on either side of the hinged garage. The torsion spring is installed above the upper part of the door and is attached to the header. They make a great option as they can easily balance the weight of the door.

When should you look for springs for an overhead door?

On average, springs last for eight to twelve years. Most of them are rated at 10,000 cycles, which means their lifespan depends on the level of usage the garage receives. You can buy replacement springs to keep your garage door in great shape.