Glass Seasonal Ornaments

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass is a material used in many Christmas ornaments that you can hang on your tree. A glass ornament will catch and reflect the tree lights, adding a glitter and a shine to the way that the Christmas tree looks. When decorating for the holiday season, an individual unique ornament or an ornament set is a natural decorating choice to give yourself or to give as a Christmas gift.

Are there themes for glass Christmas ornaments?
  • Santa Claus: Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus, is a well-known holiday theme for clear glass ornaments.
  • Christmas tree: An ornament in the shape of a Christmas tree can be a beautiful accent on your own tree.
  • Angel: An angel ornament is a traditional and elegant design to hang on your tree at Christmas.
  • Snowflake: A glass snowflake ornament would be at home on a tree with a winter, snowman, or snowy theme.
  • Glass ball: A glass ball ornament or ornament set is a traditional way to decorate your tree. Glass Christmas balls often feature designs in themes such as woodland or Nordic images.
  • Bell: A glass bell ornament or ornament set adds a festive touch to your holiday tree.
How do you choose glass Christmas ornaments or ornament sets?
  • Choose a shape :Choose from a ball, bell, round, or other specialty shape for your ornament or ornament set.
  • Choose a ribbon: Select a ribbon with glitter, silver, gold, or solid colors to hang the Christmas ornament.
  • Choose a paint color: Glass ornaments may have paint or no paint. A clear ornament could sparkle on its own. If the Christmas ornament has paint, choose from gold, silver, or another color.
  • Choose a finishing touch: You may want to decorate for the holiday with a Christmas ornament that has the year or a special sentiment on it, such as new baby or first home.
How do you store glass ornaments after Christmas?

After the holidays are over, you will need to store your glass ornaments carefully. One way to protect the glass is to store the glass ornaments in a tiered box. Specialty boxes are made just for the storage of glass ornaments. These boxes are made of plastic or cardboard and offer sturdy separators to keep each piece of glass from running into the next.

Before putting the glass ornaments into such a box, it is a good idea to wrap them in acid-free tissue paper. The acid-free tissue paper protects the glass and will not leave marks or stains on it like newspaper could. The tissue paper provides some extra cushioning in case the box shifts while you are putting your decorations away.

For a set of decorative ornaments, you may wish to use a clear hinged box. Wrap each piece in muslin cloth or tissue paper before putting it into the box. Label the box with the contents so that you do not have to wonder about what ornament collection is inside of it.