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Hasselblad Camera Extension Tubes

Frequently Asked Questions About Hasselblad Camera Extension Tubes

Hasselblad is a Swedish company that has produced various types of medium-format cameras and photography accessories since its founding in the late 1800s. Camera accessories like an extension tube can add functionality to cameras and lenses. Extension tubes are just one method of using your Hasselblad medium-format camera for macro photography.

What are extension tubes used for?

An extension tube is a hollow tube that is fitted between the lens and the camera’s body. An extension tube is designed to increase the distance between the two to increase the size of the subject. This accessory is used to narrow the depth of field in the camera lens.

What are electronic extension tubes?

This type contains electrical contacts on both ends of the extension tubes so that the camera can continue to communicate with the glass-lens. This allows you to still use some of the functions on your Hasselblad like autofocus, aperture settings, and exposure so that you can take close up photos without making manual adjustments.

How do you select extension tubes for your Hasselblad?
  • Review camera and lens information: Review the model of both your Hasselblad and the glass lens that will be using the extension tubes. This allows you to select a unit that can fit both components without needing to use an adapter.
  • Select a body fitting: This selection matches the lens mount on your Hasselblad camera. A single extension may be able to fit multiple types of the same size.
  • Choose a lens fitting: Lenses like a wide angle may require a different size fitting to allow the lens to be attached to the body and extension.
  • Select a length: The length is measured in millimeters and can come in a modular set where they can be attached to each other to acquire a longer length.
  • Choose between electronic and manual: Manual extension tubes can be used with models that have manual adjustment options for the focus and aperture.
What are extension tubes and macro lenses?

Extension tubes allow you to convert an existing lens for your Hasselblad to work similarly to a macro lens. Longer extension tubes will increase the amount of magnification to improve your view of the shot, and multiple units can be attached to one another to increase the magnification. A macro format is also used for magnifying a close-up subject for your camera. The main difference is that a macro type can adjust the focus and sharpness of the image. A macro lens will have a focus length of 100mm or longer.

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