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See Like a Hawk With a Pair of Hunting Binoculars

Since the invention of telescopes, humans realized that they could not only use them to see into the sky, but also to see far distances on the ground. While many people think telescopes and binoculars are quite different, in reality, binoculars are simply two telescopes attached together, side by side. Binoculars give hunters a clear advantage: anyone who uses a pair of strong binoculars knows that increased visual power is imperative to capturing your prey. There are many hunting binoculars available from a wide variety of sellers on eBay, ranging from amateur binoculars to professional high-end pairs.

What Are the Advantages of Hunting Binoculars?

While many people think that their ranged weapon of choice is the key to hunting, good hunters know that their senses are the true tools of the hunt.

  • Hunting binoculars enhance your most important hunting sense, your vision, which allows you to spot prey that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see. Certain animals are extremely sensitive to sound and scents, and are quick to flee when a hunter comes within range.
  • Binoculars are pivotal in these situations, as they allow you to spot the prey before the prey senses you, alerting you that it's time to either sneak up stealthily or prepare to take the shot.
  • Many hunting binoculars use special lens coatings that can make them waterproof and fog-proof, as well as help you see in low-light conditions. This means that binoculars cannot only help you see farther, but also clearer.

What is the Most Important Factor of Hunting Binoculars?

When choosing which pair of full-sized or mid-sized hunting binoculars are right for you, the most important factor is magnification.

  • Binoculars use a magnification number, like 7x, 10x, and 14x, to rate them, which indicates how many times the image is magnified.
  • While, at first, higher magnifications may seem superior, remember that higher magnification means that even the slightest handshake will translate into an incredibly shaky image.
  • Many hunters stick to the 10x range, as this is a solid compromise between distance and stability.

Which Features Do Hunting Binoculars Offer?

Hunting binoculars come with a variety of specifications and features. Choose a pair that have features that will best suit your personal hunting needs.

  • One number to watch out for is the objective size. This number is given in millimeters and refers to how large the objective lens is. The larger the number, the more light that will enter. If you plan to hunt in low-light conditions, choose a pair with a higher objective size, like 50mm.
  • Another important consideration is the field of view. If you want to see a large area without moving, choose a pair with a large angle, such as one that lets you see a wide field of view, like 180 degrees.
  • If you wear glasses, eye relief is an important feature to consider. A longer eye relief means you don't have to press your eyes directly against the eyepiece in order to see.