Media Streamers

Home Internet Media Streamers

The world wide web is full of great content ranging from YouTube videos to your favorite movies and beyond, and a great way to enhance your audio and video experience for all of this content is through the use of a home internet media streamer. Through the use of home internet media streaming services, you can watch your favorite online content right on your TV screen, making for a convenient and enjoyable experience. Rather than being confined to a small computer screen, you can now share once online-exclusive entertainment with your friends in a comfortable and natural way.

How do home media streaming devices work?

In simplest terms, home media streamer devices are essentially apps located in a piece of technology (usually a wireless box apparatus or a USB drive). By connecting these devices to your television, you can view and navigate through menus to select the app you wish to view on your TV via an internet connection that the streaming device establishes for you. Depending on the streamer you use, these apps can vary, though they often include a wide variety of different content, such as Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu Plus among others.

What are some brands of home media streamers?

There are several prominent brands of streamer devices available from different companies. All have their own unique set of apps to watch content on, though with some overlap in certain instances. The kinds of services you want, and what each brand offers, can often be deciding factors on which media streamer will work for you.

  • Apple TV: Providing movies and shows through iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, Apple TV lets you watch content in Ultra High Definition and 4K with no extra charge for renting or buying movies. Also includes voice support via Siri.
  • Amazon Fire TV: Featuring Alexa-enabled speech commands, Amazon Fire TV offers content from all the major streaming platforms from Netflix to Amazon Prime itself in 4K HDR quality.
  • Roku: One of the original media streaming brands, Rokus intuitive design and high-speed Wi-Fi connection lets you watch your favorite content from virtually every major streaming platform available.
  • Google Chromecast: Unique among streaming devices, rather than using a remote, Google Chromecast is controlled with a compatible Android smartphone. In addition to streaming content from apps like Google Play and YouTube, it can also display your phones screen and let you use the Google Chrome web browser.