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Nair Hair Removal Creams and Sprays

Removing unwanted hair from your body can be a tedious process, but Nair makes this task easy and fast with their specialized hair removal creams, lotions, and sprays. These products can be used on various parts of the body, including arms and legs, underarms, bikini line, and even your upper lip.

How do you use Nair cream to remove leg hair?

The Nair formula is powerful enough to dissolve hair, so it is important to follow the instructions on the packaging to avoid skin irritation. Conduct a test with a small amount a day before applying a full coat to ensure that the skin doesn't react to the product:

  • Apply: Put some of the cream into your hand and apply it over the hair on your legs. Do not rub the solution in but leave a thick layer covering the hair. Wash your hands well.
  • Wait: Wait for the indicated time, generally three to five minutes, and check a small spot by wiping away the cream. If the hair remains, leave the solution for more time, but do not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Remove: With a damp washcloth, wipe away the cream gently, and then wash the area thoroughly in the shower. Pat your skin dry and apply a gentle moisturizing lotion to keep the skin saturated.
How does Nair hair removal cream work?

Nair hair removal is a chemical depilatory cream that uses a formula to break down and remove the proteins of hair. The two main chemicals that activate this process are potassium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide. The use of these products will not result in permanent hair removal because the hair follicle remains when the formula is being used so the hair can regrow. These products also contain a moisturizing component to help the skin recover from these chemicals.

Is there Nair for men?

Nair offers both a cream and spray for men. The hair removal cream is a formula that is ideal for achieving smooth skin on larger body areas, such as the chest, back, arms, and legs. The hair removal spray is designed for use on the same areas as the cream but adds in a simple application method by enabling you to spray on the product on hard-to-reach spots like the back. These hair removal formulas are very similar to the women's product formulas, but they are created with more masculine scents.

Is Nair safe to use on facial hair?

This brand offers certain face creams and lotions that are ideal for removing facial hair on your upper lip, neck, and elsewhere. Because the skin on the face is more delicate, this face cream is designed for more sensitive skin and has moisturizing and exfoliating components to leave your skin fresh and smooth. This lotion hair remover works fast and can be washed off the upper lip and face in the sink or shower.