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Everything You Need To Know About Old Town Kayaks

Going on an adventure? Look no further than Old Town kayaks to take you on the trip of your dreams. Outfitted with multiple storage points, comfortable seating, and easy grip handles, affordable Old Town kayaks are available on eBay to enable you to take a fantastic river or ocean kayak trip with ease.

Features of Old Town kayaks

Old Town kayaks come with a variety of amenities to ensure that your next adventure on the water is safe and exhilarating. From storage to propelling, Old Town kayaks are built with state-of-the-art designs, top to bottom.

  • End handles: End handles on either end of the kayak ensure safe transportation of the vessel in and out of the water.
  • Bow hatch: The bow hatch in a storage place for you to keep your belongings, food, and tools safe from the water. The hatch's watertight lid is made from durable rubber. It will not easily pop open even in the most turbulent rapids and rivers.
  • Single-person seating: Kayaks, unlike canoes, seat only one person at a time. Old Town kayaks' seats are made with a durable, waterproof material that won't fade in the sun.
  • Bungee cord storage: Next to the bow hatch is a bungee cord storage to keep more tools, containers, and backpacks to prevent them from falling off the kayak.
Sizes of Old Town kayaks

Old Town kayaks come in various sizes that are suitable for multiple purposes. See the manufacturer site for details.

  • Old Town Kayak 12-foot Predator MX Angler: This kayak includes an element seating system, a 400-pound weight capacity, and is useful for fishing and hunting.
  • Old Town Topwater PDL Kayak 10.5 foot: This kayak includes a 450-pound weight capacity, a massive hull capacity for storage, and seating with high and low positioning. Store rods and fishing gear in the designated spot on the kayak where all of you gear will stay safe and sound.
  • Old Town Topwater PDL Pedal Kayak 10.5 foot: This kayak includes a 450-pound weight capacity and high and low seating. The most impressive aspect of this Old World Kayak is the inclusion of pedals.
Different purposes for kayaks

Kayaks are used for many purposes, but the two main ones are for fishing and recreational use. For fishing, you should buy a kayak that includes a large bow hatch to keep your fish fresh and contained while you float. You can even fill these hatches with water to keep your fish fresh. The second purpose is for purely recreational use. The perfect kayaks for this purpose are simple kayaks that don't include a lot of equipment like bow hatches or storage to ensure your vessel is lightweight and floats well.