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Supreme Hoodies & Sweatshirts for Men

Everything You Need To Know About Selecting A Supreme Hoodie

Whether you are relaxing by a campfire in the evening or getting up early to run some errands, chances are you need a hoodie. It is easy to find Supreme hoodies that meet your style on eBay at affordable prices.

What sizes are Supreme hoodies available in?

Supreme hoodies come in:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
How do you select the right Supreme hoodie for you?

When looking for a hoodie on eBay, consider the following:

  • Color: Supreme jackets come in a vast variety of shades and colors. The classic Supreme hoodie is white with a red box that has "supreme" written in the center in white.
  • Size: One of the most crucial factors when determining if a hoodie is right for you is finding out the size because you probably wont get much use out of it if it does not fit.
  • Fit: Figure out your desired fit. You might want an oversized hoodie if you are looking for a loose fit. In that case, you want to purchase a Supreme jacket one size up from your original size.
  • Design: Although Supreme is known for their classic logo design, the brand creates Supreme jackets with all types of images, cartoons, and logos. There are Supreme jackets that are partnered with Jordan and Supreme hoodies that feature the hat from the book "The Cat in the Hat."
What are some features of Supreme hoodies?
  • Heavyweight fleece: Supreme uses a blend of cotton and polyester to create a heavyweight fleece. This material is great for staying warm in cold temperatures.
  • Front pocket: Many Supreme jackets feature a large front pocket. You can store your phone, keys, and wallet in the front pocket before heading out the door.
  • Adjustable hood: Most of the hoods on Supreme jackets are adjustable so that you can tighten it to fit your head perfectly.
  • Ribbed knit waistband and cuff: The ribbed knit waistband and cuffs trap warmth in and keep the cold out.
What conditions are Supreme hoodies available in?

Supreme hoodies vary significantly in price depending on the release date, design, and how coveted the hoodie is by fans. Some hoodies are upwards of a couple of hundred dollars in new condition. Purchasing a used Supreme jacket on eBay can save you a boatload of money while getting the fashion piece you can quickly turn into a staple piece in your wardrobe.

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