Travel Passport & ID Holders

Travel Passport and ID Holders

When you travel to different countries, you will need a passport, visas, and other documents that allow you to enter. Passport holders and document organizers help you keep all of your important materials in one place. Because passports and other important identification cards are difficult to replace if they are lost when abroad, you can use a travel passport to keep everything in one place.

Why do you need a passport holder?

A passport and other identification documentation establishes your identity and tells officials what country you come from. Travelers coming from the United States will need their passports in order to be able to return. Keeping passports, identification cards, and credit cards in a safe place such as a passport wallet or holder can help prevent traveling snafus.

What types of passport holders and travel wallets are there?

There are several different types of pocket holders, wallets, and cases that can keep your identification information safe and secure. They range from simple protectors to organizers.

  • Basic passport covers: These covers act as sleeves for passports. They offer sturdy protection for the front and back covers of the passport.
  • Protective film: These films are generally made from a plastic material that adheres to the paper passport covers. They are designed to reinforce the passport covers.
  • Travel organizers: Organizers designed for travel documents are large enough to hold passports, credit cards, hotel information, and any other information you may need for your travels.
  • Document cases: These holders are designed to hold large numbers of documents and other travel information.
  • RFID passport wallets: These credit card wallets have radio frequency identification blockers to prevent others from potentially stealing personal information.
What are some features that passport holders may have?

Different passport wallets and holders come with a variety of features, allowing you to choose a passport holder or wallet that fits your needs and personal style.

  • Materials: Passport wallets and holders can come in a variety of different materials. Leather or faux leather is particularly durable. Organizers and document cases tend to be made from high-quality leather. Vinyl, nylon, and plastic are common materials for pocket passport holders.
  • Color: Leather cases for passports, identification cards, and credit cards come in numerous designs and colors. Choose a color that will help you keep track of your passport wallet or passport holder.
  • Straps: Some travel organizers come with straps that allow you to attach the organizer to your waist, shoulder, or wrist. Others do not as they are designed to be carried in your pocket, purse, or bag.
  • Size: Smaller travel wallets or passport holders can be carried in your pocket or small bag. Larger organizers may fit in luggage, a briefcase, or a backpack.